Chapters 5-9 In these chapter’s Richard Louv concentrates on the importance of senses and ways to challenge them. Louv believes that, “Children need nature for the healthy development of their senses, and, therefore for learning and creativity” (54). How many times have you tried to calm a baby down and you play a CD of lullabies? Have you ever thought of going outside and have the baby listen to the birds instead while holding him? I believe this would be more efficient because the child would be able to smell fresh air and hear the birds and eventually calm down and fall asleep. Louv also talks about how instead of going out to walk around the neighborhood it would be better to go out to places that are not surrounded by buildings and houses and rather by trees and flowers and fresh air. It would stimulate our senses of smell, sight, and hearing and eventually will create a different perspective of nature and life. He also gives us examples of tree house and how nowadays our “tree houses” are not made by us but rather fabricated and bought at your local store. Nature deficit disorder is widely growing among our children and its time to do something about it. We need to teach our children that we must take care of our environment and appreciate it and that there are many things out there that they can have fun not just playing video games and watching TV.


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