Chapters 15-19

Chapters 15-19 talk about bring kids into nature, especially through out door activity. In chapter 15  Louv talks about introducing fishing into young kids lives. At no expense make sure that they enjoy it and are getting to enjoy nature. Chapter 16 talks about introducing nature into education. He compares other school systems around the world and how thy incorporate nature in their curriculum. Chapter 17 is about  camping and having designated sites for children to camp and run free and also the benifits of being outside. Chapters 18-19 talk about letting go of cities and going back to nature  That’s the gist, the rest of the stuff was just stories, if you have any questions just ask me. 😀


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Power point..

So I’m thinking for the powerpoint, I’m going to break it down in sections. I figured the first few slides would be defining what nature-deficit disorder is.. and probably in lengthy detail. then the next few slides will be examples from the book of how times are different now then what they were back in the day. the last few slides i would do examples of how the book is taking steps to change it. and what we as a class can do to change it.

Let me know what you think, and if you can give me some examples, that would be great! see you guys Tuesday

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October 22, 2012 · 4:13 am

Chapters 21-23

Chapter 21 was mainly about spiritual meaning of nature. Louv talks about many different religions and their thoughts of the spiritual necessity of nature. He interviews a lot of people to get their views on the nature-deficit disorder. Louv also talks about God and Mother Nature.

Chapter 22 was about the huge fire in San Diego in 2003 and the peoples movement to get those acres of land back, and houses that were burnt down. He also talks about “healing the broken bond between children and nature, being overwhelming and an impossible  task.” He then goes on about the tobacco industry. He says “the recycling and anti-smoking campaigns are perhaps the best example of how social and political pressure can work hand in hand to effect societal change in just one generation”(310).  He continues to talk about the different groups that are taking a stance to change the disorder.”Such research could show that nature not only promotes healthier childhood development, but does it more effectively than the methods commonly used in the place of nature”(312).

Chapter 23 was basically Louv saying that his greatest memories with his kids have been while they were together in nature, and he hoped his kids felt the same. “We have such a brief opportunity to pass on to our children our love for this Earth, and to tell our stories. These are the moments when the world is made whole”(316).

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Chapters 1-4

Basically the first 4 chapters was saying that children nowadays are becoming more distance from nature unlike their parents whose playground was nature. They were allowed to run free, build treehouse a to play with and other things that the kids now can’t do due to laws. It’s suppose to be for the safety but how can imagination be dangerous to kids and nature. For thousands of years they were able to coexist and they were fine. Yet what is also causing the nature deficit disorder is the amount of nature that is slowly decreasing. We’ve made the kids become disconnected. They say kids are missing out of the adventure and imagination but how can that be when they were never introduced to it in the first place. Some studies show that kids being able to go and play outside rather than inside reduces the symptoms of ADHD.  Being with nature can be a way for kids to get away and calm themselves or just be by themselves. Even as a kid you can have frustrations that you want to get away from for a little bit. That is what going outside involved with nature does to kids.   Studies have shown that even in adults, being with nature is therapeutic. Being in outside is different than being in nature with uneven ground, tons of trees ad rocks. The unevenness of nature has better positive effects like better balance and agility. We need to act now on the available knowledge of the healing powers of nature to humans.

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